MSC 1003 - Music in Civilization

Section ETR: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:45 in Room 6-170
Section FTR: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:10-5:25 in Room 6-170
Section UR: Thursdays 6:05-9:00 in Room 6-170
Class 28ETR: Tuesday, December 12 at 2:30
FTR: Tuesday, December 12 at 4:10

All Right, We Did It!

Thanks to all who came to the "game" classes on Tuesday. Seems like people were having fun. Here are a few end-of-semester housekeeping items.


I brought this gray hat to vertical campus lost-and-found, seems like it belonged to someone from the 2:30 class.

Quiz Four Grading

As of Friday evening, 12/15 I have finished both the 2:30 and 4:10 class quizzes. Results were a mixed bag - some people still "brought it" and got 100s, some people got tripped up by the more challenging quiz and end-of-semester fatigue, some just have a hard time with jazz, and some knew that they had an A in the bag and didn't worry.

Median grade for the 2:30 class was an 87.5.

4:10 results were a little stronger, with a median of 90.

Now that all quiz grades are entered, the web site will have an opinion on what your final average is. However, this is not your official grade yet, I still have to review everything manually and make the final decision (which is almost always the same as what the web site says.)

Once grades are finalized there will be an entry at the top of your profile that says "final grade," and you will see the result in cunyfirst soon after that.

Final grades are now posted for the 2:30 class.

Soon I'll do the 4:10 class. We just got an email that says that cunyfirst is shut down for the weekend, so we'll have to wait a while for the real, official grade.

That is all

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this class. I hope it exposed you to some music that you'll come back to later, and it made you feel like you could go to an artsy concert here in New York City, one of the great music capitals of the world.

Keep learning and keep listening!